Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Welcome to Uniquely UK

To all our new readers,

We'd like to say 'Hey!',

And a very warm welcome,

Looking for gifts

Or something for you?
...in red, yellow, green,
purple or blue.

Our website is filled,

With goodies galore,
Handmade one-offs,
And so much more....

Claire brings you buntings

For every occasion,
From weddings to parties,
To buntings with names in.

Sarah’s our Poppet,

It’s purses she makes,
When she’s not sewing,
She loves to eat cakes!

Sandra loves wool
lamb and mohair
She creates lovely garments
for you all to wear 

The magic happens in her kiln,

Ceramics inspired by nature,
Unique items made as only she can,
That's our Potter, Marieanne!

Then there's our Robbie,

He loves his photography,
He's snapping his pics across the pond,
Because he's on holiday!

The artisan behind Pheeple,

And our needle-felter is Bex,
Each Pheeple is made by hand,
And perfect to keep as pets

Erika specialises in Jewellery

With beautiful coloured gemstones
Dispersing light & catching the eye
In pretty silver & golden tones

Heather is our tatting girl

She loves exploring castles
She makes pretty lace in gothic designs
Occassionally with tassles

Simmi, she lives in the woods,

Where she crafts lots of beautiful goods.
Her workshop's not neat, but it really is sweet,
That she makes things that lighten our moods!

Now you’ve met the UUK team,
We're almost at that time…
To give you a hug & blow you a kiss,
And end this silly rhyme!

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