Friday, 13 December 2013

The Creative Design Process for a Bespoke Felt Baby Mobile

Hey All, it's Simmi from Grace's Favours and I wanted to share a bit about the process I've just been through for a customer, to create a set of bespoke GIGANTIC cloud mobiles:

The inspiration for the mobiles (1 white and 2 pale grey) came from these much smaller versions that are in the shop

The customer was after 3 clouds that measured about 3-4 foot in width! This was going to be easily the largest thing I'd ever created.

So I did some drawings which I emailed over to the customer:

Then I had to actually get creative with the felt. Thankfully my cutting table is quite big, so I can just about fit a mahoosive cloud on it!

But even so, I had to lay out the final design on the floor to get it full size!!

Once I'd decided that was the right configuration of raindrops, there was nothing left for it but to brave sewing it up (that was the scary part!)

And to show you the scale, here is a pic of it hung up in my hallway, with my kids, who are 5 (Seren) and 3 (Patrick) - the mobile is enormous!!!

I really enjoyed making these and can't wait to see some pictures of the three together hung up in their new home - they're going to be residing in a Church Nursery in Texas, USA :-)


Uniquely UK said...

It's great to see your creativity in progress Simmi. Nice work xx

Erika Price said...

Very impressive, Simmi! But I'm even more impressed by how neat and tidy your workspace is!!!

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