Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It's not Goodbye

It's not Goodbye..... its just taking a back seat

If you are a follower of our blog or Facebook & Twitter pages you will have realised that we have been a little quiet over the last few months. After various discussions the UUK team have decided that our collaboration will have to take a back seat for a while. We are as individuals still crafting away like mad, as you will see if you visit our individual Etsy shops, but promoting UUK and keeping the web site up to date as well as our other shops , was affecting the time we could spend on our work.

The UUK blog will stay up and running so that you can still read what we are about and still have access to our free tutorials etc. In the meantime , if we work on anything unique and interesting , then we will use our blog to shout about it !!!!

Our ethos has not changed , we are still very keen to work together to bring our customers a unique experience and we really hope to be able to dedicate more time towards this collaboration in the future.

If you have seen things that you like from the different sellers featured here and would like to place orders from more than one of us, but to have the items related by colour, theme, material, occasion, please do leave a comment on the blog, or get in touch with any of us directly and we'd be over the moon to work together for our customers.

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement that you have all shown us over the past year, it's really meant a lot to us and we've learnt an incredible amount. If anyone else is thinking of setting up a similar group collaboration and would like any advice or tips (what to do as well as what not to do!) please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Bye for now.......

Monday, 17 March 2014

See the Damson Tree Pottery's Work in Progress

I get so excited when I see our Marianne's work posted on her facebook page, she just just loves keeping her customers up to date with how her work is progressing. I have pinched a few of her photos to let you all see her stunning work, how she is inspired and the process the work goes through.


The tiles are drawn and painted

Painting finished

Fresh and still warm from the kiln!

She says she is thinking of selling these as a tile border - but can sell individually or make to order - seasonally limited though ie in the next few weeks (except for the blossoms)!

She sells her work through the Uniquely UK web site and through her own Etsy shop. If you want to keep up to date with what she is working on , then the Damson Tree Pottery facebook page is probably the best place to go.


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mini Bunting GiveAway

Just a quick post to let you know that yet another UUK crafter Claire from  Aislings Designs is having a Giveaway. So pop over to her facebook page to give it a go. Only a comment is needed , none of the dreaded "likes" or "shares".

Grace's Favours is having a Felt Rainbow Cushion Giveaway

Just a quickie today, to shout about the giveaway that Simmi's got going on over at her blog - Grace's Favours.

Here's what you could win:

Children not included!

It's a rather fabulous Soft Cuddly Rainbow Felt Cushion (or wall hanging as there's also a rainbow ribbon attached at the top) which as you can see is quite a hit with Simmi's children (who are not included in the giveaway, unless their behaviour deteriorates this week!)

The giveaway is running till Midnight on Sunday 23rd March and is open to entrants worldwide.

If you aren't lucky enough to win this time, you can buy the same cushion in the Uniquely UK shop soon!

Friday, 14 March 2014

An insight in to The FeminineTouch

After a little brainstorming of what The Feminine Touch does , ie design and create lovely hand knitted items and with a little help from  Tagxedo.com , we developed this beautiful word cloud. 

We think its a great way to visualise things. Don't you?

Would you like to see this for all our designers / creators?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Easter Finger Puppets Work In Progress and Some Photography Tips for Crafters

Hey guys, it's Simmi from Grace's Favours here.

We've all been hard at work at Uniquely UK and it's all go in different directions, but today I thought I'd share some work in progress shots from the latest pattern I'm creating - Easter Finger Puppets. A chick, a lamb and an Easter bunny!

I've had great fun designing these guys and even though I sort of knew how I was planning to stage the photographs, there's always something you forget:

Ah yes, white felt, on a white background in low level lighting (right by the window, but on a very foggy day!) Not so clever. So I had to quickly find an alternative background - thankfully the cork board was close at hand:

There, that's a bit better!

And then after they were all finished, I needed a good fun shot, to make all three puppets look interesting... so I got out the backdrop I made last year:

Next to the window, so as to let in plenty of light and then, the end result is done as a close up on the finger puppets, ensuring none of the surrounding window/chair/phone get into the shot:

Oh yes, and they're stuffed with rolled up scraps of felt, to make them stand up on their own.

My sneaky little helper then made off with them, before I could finish off!

So I'm off now to wrestle them back and finish writing up my pattern.

Unfortunately our site can't support instant downloads at the moment, but I will be selling the pattern through my Facebook page and hopefully soon through the UUK Site

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Our antidote to tax return, bad weather and general malaise was to make some SWANTS!

What started out as a bleak and dreary day for Marieanne from Damson Tree Pottery , turned in to a fun , hilarious, wacky day.

It was the 31st January , the last day for filling in your on-line self assessment tax returns and Marieanne was busy downloading information from Paypal and Etsy to fill in her spreadsheets , her mind was awash with figures and calculations , trying to work out %age fees etc. She knew she only had a few hours to get it done , otherwise she would be obliged to pay a hefty fine. 

She took a few minutes during the morning to chat to her on-line friends when she noticed that one of her Uniquely UK colleagues TheFeminineTouch had posted a blog about Swants.


Unbeknown to Marieanne , that blog posting saved her sanity that day. She showed the silly photos to her daughter Hannah who immediately ran upstairs and raided her fathers wardrobe. 

The end result of their hilarious day can be seen in the photo's below. Marieanne says  "We had soooooo much fun! You should see the unpublished photos! Beats any 'blue' or grey day!". She even thought up a new name for the dungaree's "Jumperees!"

Our antidote to tax return, bad weather and general malaise was to make some SWANTS!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Free tutorial - Recycled felt hand warmers

Recycled felt hand warmers - by TheFeminineTouch @ Uniquely UK

This is a really useful project using herbs and foodstuffs you will have in the kitchen / garden and old worn out sweaters from your wardrobe or bought from a charity shop for a few pounds.  

It's a great way to keep your hands warm too. Lovely little valentine gift x

For this project you will need:

2 or 3 coordinating wool sweaters (at least 80% non machine washable wool).

Washing machine.

Bowl of rice

Bowl of home grown and dried lavender (or shop bought)

Needle, scissors, pins and cotton thread


Step 1: Put the wool sweaters in to the washing machine along with a couple of old towels and some washing powder. Wash at 60 degrees.

Step 2: Cut up the sweaters along the seams so that you have piece of fabric to work from. 

 Step 3: Cut out a square template from a piece of paper (I did mine 5” x 5”) and pin to the felted fabric. Cut out 2 squares.


Step 4: Cut out heart shapes from other coordinated  felt fabric using a template found on the Internet (just type “heart template” into Google and print out).


Step 5: Lay the heart shapes on top of one of the cut out squares


Step 6: sew the smaller heart to the centre of the large heart.


Step 7: Now pin and stitch the larger heart to the centre of one of the squares


Step 8:  With right sides together sew up the sides of the square , leaving a gap wide enough to enable you to stuff the square

Step 9: Turn the square right side out and stuff the square with uncooked rice and dried lavender. One large spoon of rice to one teaspoon of lavender.

Step 10: Sew up the gap – see this great Video from my Uniquely UK colleague Simmi - http://gracesfavours.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/tutorial-how-to-ladder-stitch-secret-to.html

 I created some of these by eliminating the square and just sewing up the larger heart shape. A bit more fiddly but I think the end result is even better. 

Just pop these in the microwave for 2 -3 minutes where they will be nice and warm and smell sweet too.

Remember, if you make any of these great hand warmers , then send photos to Uniquely UK and we will feature them on facebook or in our blog (or both).

Please feel to make as many of these as you like for personal use, but I would ask that you don't sell the finished items. Please do not reproduce any or all of the tutorial, without linking back to here.

And if you want to keep your feet toasty in bed, then here are some hand knitted hot water bottle covers from TheFeminineTouch available from UniquelyUK.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Valentine's Card No-Sew Felt Tutorial

Hi, it's Simmi from Grace's Favours here with a little tutorial for you as it's that smoochy time of year coming up again.

Here's what we're making:

It's a fairly simple tutorial, so I'm going to put the step by step instructions in the comment field for each photo.

If you're looking for presents to go with your handmade card, have a look at Uniquely UK for masses of gorgeous pressie ideas!

Obviously you can change the slogan, but as it's supposed to be a jigsaw puzzle I chose 'We are a perfect fit!'


Card (I had a pre-fold card in my stash, but you can always fold in both ends to meet like a door)
Thick red felt (if you want to make your felt thicker you can glue two layers together but it doesn't matter if it's thinner felt)
Red Pen


1. All the materials you'll need

Fold the piece of paper in half and draw half a heart shape as shown

Cut out the heart shape (with the paper folded over so you have a perfect heart shape)

Using your pencil, draw around the heart onto the felt.

Draw a jigsaw shape into the heart. I went straight down the middle, but you can do it in any shape and on any angle you like.

Cut the heart into two pieces according to your jigsaw line

Draw around the jigsaw line, using one side of the paper template (it doesn't matter which you use)

The trickiest bit is to cut out the heart and cut the jigsaw line into the shape keeping both sides looking perfect... small cuts and take it slowly is the best advice.

Your cut out heart should look like this when placed back together.

Using your paper heart, work out where to draw your lines on the card (you may need more or less lines, depending on what you want to say)

Write your message in pencil first, to make sure it fits on ok.

Go over the pencil writing with your red pen.

Then stick your heart onto either side of the card, so when it's closed, the heart fits together.

If you don't want to use a card like the one above with two doors, you can use a standard folded piece of card and either stick the heart pieces together, or just apart to make the jigsaw shape more obvious.

When the red pen is dry, rub out the pencil marks and you're done :-)

I hope you all have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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