Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Free tutorial - Recycled felt hand warmers

Recycled felt hand warmers - by TheFeminineTouch @ Uniquely UK

This is a really useful project using herbs and foodstuffs you will have in the kitchen / garden and old worn out sweaters from your wardrobe or bought from a charity shop for a few pounds.  

It's a great way to keep your hands warm too. Lovely little valentine gift x

For this project you will need:

2 or 3 coordinating wool sweaters (at least 80% non machine washable wool).

Washing machine.

Bowl of rice

Bowl of home grown and dried lavender (or shop bought)

Needle, scissors, pins and cotton thread


Step 1: Put the wool sweaters in to the washing machine along with a couple of old towels and some washing powder. Wash at 60 degrees.

Step 2: Cut up the sweaters along the seams so that you have piece of fabric to work from. 

 Step 3: Cut out a square template from a piece of paper (I did mine 5” x 5”) and pin to the felted fabric. Cut out 2 squares.


Step 4: Cut out heart shapes from other coordinated  felt fabric using a template found on the Internet (just type “heart template” into Google and print out).


Step 5: Lay the heart shapes on top of one of the cut out squares


Step 6: sew the smaller heart to the centre of the large heart.


Step 7: Now pin and stitch the larger heart to the centre of one of the squares


Step 8:  With right sides together sew up the sides of the square , leaving a gap wide enough to enable you to stuff the square

Step 9: Turn the square right side out and stuff the square with uncooked rice and dried lavender. One large spoon of rice to one teaspoon of lavender.

Step 10: Sew up the gap – see this great Video from my Uniquely UK colleague Simmi -

 I created some of these by eliminating the square and just sewing up the larger heart shape. A bit more fiddly but I think the end result is even better. 

Just pop these in the microwave for 2 -3 minutes where they will be nice and warm and smell sweet too.

Remember, if you make any of these great hand warmers , then send photos to Uniquely UK and we will feature them on facebook or in our blog (or both).

Please feel to make as many of these as you like for personal use, but I would ask that you don't sell the finished items. Please do not reproduce any or all of the tutorial, without linking back to here.

And if you want to keep your feet toasty in bed, then here are some hand knitted hot water bottle covers from TheFeminineTouch available from UniquelyUK.


DayzeeLove said...

What a lovely tutorial. I will definitely give it a go but may go fro a geeky theme to go with my shop. ;)

Tricia Kokoszka said...

Too cute. Thanks for linking up to the Upcycled Linky Party at

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