Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Easter Finger Puppets Work In Progress and Some Photography Tips for Crafters

Hey guys, it's Simmi from Grace's Favours here.

We've all been hard at work at Uniquely UK and it's all go in different directions, but today I thought I'd share some work in progress shots from the latest pattern I'm creating - Easter Finger Puppets. A chick, a lamb and an Easter bunny!

I've had great fun designing these guys and even though I sort of knew how I was planning to stage the photographs, there's always something you forget:

Ah yes, white felt, on a white background in low level lighting (right by the window, but on a very foggy day!) Not so clever. So I had to quickly find an alternative background - thankfully the cork board was close at hand:

There, that's a bit better!

And then after they were all finished, I needed a good fun shot, to make all three puppets look interesting... so I got out the backdrop I made last year:

Next to the window, so as to let in plenty of light and then, the end result is done as a close up on the finger puppets, ensuring none of the surrounding window/chair/phone get into the shot:

Oh yes, and they're stuffed with rolled up scraps of felt, to make them stand up on their own.

My sneaky little helper then made off with them, before I could finish off!

So I'm off now to wrestle them back and finish writing up my pattern.

Unfortunately our site can't support instant downloads at the moment, but I will be selling the pattern through my Facebook page and hopefully soon through the UUK Site

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